Antique Chinese Hand Painted Porcelain Vase with Country Scene. Mark of Jiaqing



This lovely Chinese porcelain vase, with harmonious proportion and fine hand-painted decoration, is an antique piece full of charm and aesthetical beauty. It has a stylized shape and draws our attention because of its colorful decoration, composed of a nice country scene and fringes at the base and the mouth. The vase is in perfect condition, with no flaws or dents, and has survived to our days with its beauty intact. Its hand-painted decoration is highly remarkable and is surely a good sample of the best decorative oriental art. The main scene depicts a group of three women dressed in rich traditional clothes, standing in a classic oriental landscape. The central figure is the most important one, probably a dame who is accompanied by two servants. This character is holding a document with a gloved hand, while the woman at her left is offering her a tray with food. To her right, another servant waits her turn carrying a tray with a jar on it. The landscape, as stated before, is typically oriental; the women are under the shadow of a twisted tree and a majestic group of rocks. The landscape, composed by the top of the tree, an orange fence, colorful clouds and mountains, continues towards the back of the vase. Though this scene is surely the most important part of the decoration, surely is not the only relevant one. Both the base and the mouth show elegant geometrical fringes painted in red and cobalt blue. These fringes are designed to frame and embellish the main scene and provide the charming decoration with even more aesthetical interest. Both the choice of the colors and the skillful strokes reveal a really sensitive artist. On the other hand, at the base we can see the Jiaqing mark (1796-1820) painted blue and covered by the porcelains glaze. Jiaqing was the seventh emperor of Qing Dynasty and the fifth in ruling China as an empire. Measurements: Width: 120 mm. Height: 360 mm.

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