Big-Sized Antique Photo Camera for 13x18 Plates. Circa 1890

Big-sized antique plate photo camera. In great condition. It is a gorgeous piece with a remarkable decorative power.



Antique Photo Camera for 13x18 Plates. Circa 1890
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Big-Sized Antique Photo Camera for 13x18 Plates. Circa 1890

Big-sized antique photo camera for 13x18 plates, made circa 1890 and complete. The camera stands out for its excellent condition, remaining finely preserved and with a remarkable decorative power. The case is made up by different solid-mahogany wooden pieces, all of them in fine condition and with the original transparent finish. The pieces are connected to several metal component parts that allow the bellows to expand and close. The bellows is made of leather and is in very good condition. The material seems to be somewhat wrinkeld but does not show torn or perforated parts.

The objective is made of brass and bears the word CLARUS engraved by hand in a gorgeous cursive lettering, probably the manufacturer’s name. This piece includes a mechanical shutter-curtain release system. The system has been tested and mechanically needs to be adjusted, although it works partially. The piece can be repaired but it has not been done because of the lack of proper knowledge; a good professional could easily adjust it to the millimeter. The objective can be removed to fold the camera and close it; this feature makes it possible to mount a different objective if wished. On the other hand, the focusing glass can be turned in order to make horizontal photographs. One of the wooden pieces bears the camera’s serial number, 79099, engraved at the top.

This big-sized antique camera for 13x18 plates is worthy of inclusion in a photography museum, more than one hundred and twenty years old and of a remarkable beauty.

Dimensions: Width: 8.8 in / 22 cm. Height: 9.6 in / 24 cm. Bellow’s Length: Min. 11.2 in / 28 cm. Max. 17.8 in / 44.5 cm.

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