Antique French A. Hurlimann Theodolite. Paris, France, Circa 1870

Great antique theodolite in its original case. In very good condition and with accessories. Collectors piece with great decorative power.

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Antique A. Hurlimann Theodolite. Paris, France, Circa 1870
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Antique French A. Hurlimann Theodolite. Paris, France, Circa 1870

Antique French A. Hurlimann theodolite made circa 1870, in very good condition and in its original storing case. This beautiful device is original from the late 19th century and preserves all its component parts and pieces, being a highly decorative item with remarkable historic interest. The theodolite is made of chrome-plated brass and comes with a sunshade and an adjustment key. It is in working order, though it is mainly a collector’s piece with a decorative function. The metal is finely preserved: it looks even and uniform and its matt surface provides the device with an elegant feel. The theodolite keeps the original bubble lever in excellent condition; the telescope and levelling screws are also greatly preserved. The storing case is a sturdy solid wooden box, in good condition and with evident signs of the trace of time and use that provide it with authenticity and charm. Inside we find an identification sheet with the manufacturer’s name, A. Hurlimann, printed in a stylish cursive lettering.

This antique French A. Hurlimann theodolite is a really interesting piece for every collector of old-time technical pieces.

Dimensions: Theodolite: Base’s Width: 10.6 in / 26.5 cm. Telescope’s Length: 14.4 in / 36 cm. Height: 11.8 in / 29.5 cm

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