Antique Adolf Mang World Globe. Germany, Circa 1920

Gorgeous world globe made by the renowned maker Adolf Mang. Compass embedded into the foot. Original from the 1920s.

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Antique Adolf Mang World Globe. Germany, Circa 1920

Antique Adolf Mang world globe made in Germany circa 1920, original from the time and in good condition. This item was manufactured by the company owned by Adolf Mang (1849-1933), a science teacher who lived and worked in Heidelberg. He was also a writer and designed and made earth globes like the one that we can see in the photographs. Mang´s globes became quite popular in the first half of the 20th century for their great manufacture and fine designs. This particular globe is mounted on a solid-beech wooden stand with a fine walnut-colored finish. It is finely preserved though it shows some signs of wear due to the use. The globe shows some signs of use too, but they do not interfere with its fine look and provide it with authenticity and character. The globe is connected to the stand by a brass graduated arch which makes it possible to tell the north and south latitude of the different places in the world. There is a compass embedded into the wooden foot, original too and in working order.

As authentic as decorative, this antique Adolf Mang earth globe will stand out in any collection or room for its beautiful and stylish presence.

Dimensions: Foot’s Width: 8.4 in / 21 cm. Globe’s Diameter: 10 in / 25 cm. Height: 21 in / 52.5 cm.

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