Antique Columbus Worl Globe-Lamp. Germany, Circa 1935

Outstanding Columbus lighted earth globe in fine condition. In working order. Very decorative piece, original from the maker.

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Antique Columbus Worl Globe-Lamp. Germany, Circa 1935

Amazing antique Columbus earth-globe lamp made in Germany circa 1935. This piece, so decorative and entirely original from the time, remains in great condition and can be used as an ambient light. The globe is a big glass sphere covered by printed cartographic panels that allow light to shine through and provide the essential information about the maps. At the top, close to the axe we can see a small and scarcely perceptible crack. Nevertheless, this detail turns the globe into a very delicate piece so we recommend picking it directly at the shop and avoid mailing.

The foot that supports the globe is made of solid beech wood with a beautiful mahogany-colored finish. The wiring is inside the foot; it has been renowned in order to ensure that the lamp work fine. The rest of the article’s component parts are original from the 1930s, including the aluminum graduated arch that makes it possible to know the north and south latitude of every place in the world. Embedded at the foot we can see a small compass in very good condition and perfect working order. The globe bears the printed manufacturer’s name, COLUMBUS, and the model (Modell 200).

For its great beauty and decorative power, this antique Columbus earth globe lamp will shine in any stylish living room, study or library.

Dimensions: Foot’s Width: 9.2 in / 23.5 cm. Globe’s Diameter: 12 in / 30 cm. Height: 21 in / 52.5 cm.

Columbus Globes - History

In 1909 Paul Oestergaard founded Columbus in Berlin with the mission statement “A Columbus globe for every home”. In few years the company had grown exponentially and was exporting their products worldwide. Their innovations dominated with market, with an ever-growing production. In those times Columbus globes were manufactured in 24 languages, but in 1942 production fell victim to the war. After war ended, the company resurged and in 1948 started a factory in Stuttgart. Production restarted and in a few years the firm had regained its position. In the early 1960s they launched the DUO globe, which could show two maps simultaneously. In the beginning of the 21th century the firm surprised the industry with a globe which levitated freely in a magnetic field. Today Columbus keeps on standing out for their innovations and constantly-growing production.

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