Antique French Scale with Weigh Set. France, Circa 1930

Delicate antique French Testut scale made in the 1930s. Includes a complete weigh set. In working order.

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Antique French Scale with Weigh Set. France, Circa 1930

Antique French scale with weigh set made circa 1930, in good condition and in working order. The scale bears the engraved Testut name, which belong to a renowned French company founded in the mid-19th century. It is entirely made of brass and preserves all its component parts in fine condition, both aesthetically and functionally speaking. The scale is mounted on a mahogany wooden base provided with a drawer. Except for the top plank (made of plywood), the rest of the base’s parts are made of solid mahogany wood.

Inside the drawer we find a complete original weigh set organized in wooden stands and compartments. Engraved at the beam we can see the brand name TESTUT, which is also printed in a metal plate screwed inside the drawer. The manufacturer’s mark can be seen in the center of the circular pan, slightly worn but with the name clearly visible. The bean also bears an inscription with the maximum weight admitted by the scale (3 kg). The wooden base preserves the original transparent finish, in good condition except for some slightly worn parts.

This antique French scale with weigh set is a collector’s piece, complete and in good use.

Dimensions: Width: 19 in /49.5 cm. Height: 21.6 in / 54 cm. Depth: 9.6 in / 24 cm.

Testut – History

Testut is a French company which focused on the manufacture and sale of weight instruments. It was founded in the mid-19th century (circa 1850) by Charles Rodolpe Testut. After the French Revolution, in 1791 the National Assembly defined the liberty to grow, process and sell tobacco. The need of controlling the new trade obliged tobacco sellers to have precision scales; it was then when Testut decided to found the company in order to meet the demand. The firm was active for decades – in the early 1980s it was bought by Bernard Tapie and was eventually liquidated in 2003.

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