‘Bull’. Big-Sized Bronze Sculpture by Joan Ripollés. Signed and Numbered IV/VIII

Impressive bronze sculpture Bull made by Joan Ripollés. Signed and numbered IV/VIII. Amazing piece.



Bull. Big-Sizes bronze sculpture by Joan Ripollés signed and numbered IV/VIII, with an imposing presence and undeniable artistic quality. This spectacular piece is part of a series of eight similar ones, a very limited production which turns it into a really special item. It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by Ripollés himself, which guarantees its authorship. It is an animal-shaped figure, 25 inches long, depicting a standing bull in a pose of attacking. The sculpture is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity emitted by Ripollés himself, which increases its interest as a real collectors piece. The animal is depicted in a free and somewhat abstract way it is shaped as a bull, but the crinkled and undefined texture of the bronze surface provides it with an ancestral quality, almost mythological. It is surely an excellent example of the artists mastery in bronze-casting. The matt finish in different shades of reddish tones with a rust-like patina adds the finishing touch to this superb bronze sculpture, perfect to stand out in any stance or collection. This extraordinary Bull, a big-sized bronze sculpture by Joan Ripollés signed and numbered IV/VIII, is worthy to belong to a great museum of contemporary art. Dimensions: Length: 25.2 in / 64 cm. Height: 9.45 in / 30 cm. Depth: 11.81 in / 24 cm. Juan Garcia Ripollés Biography Juan Garcia Ripollés, also known as Ripo or Beato Ripo, is a Spanish artist born in Alzira (Valencia) in 1932. His work includes paintings, engravings and sculptures. Ripolles had a though childhood and had to work as a scrap dealer and industrial painter, but his passion for art made him attend evening classes in the School of Arts and Crafts of Castellon, the city where he spent his childhood and adolescence. In 1954 he moved to Paris where he strived to reach his maximum goal: becoming a painter. Four years later he exposed his paintings in the famous Drouand David art gallery, where masters such as Picasso or Chagall had hung their paintings before. In the 1960s he returns to Spain and lives in different places: Seville, Cordoba, Chipiona and Cercedilla (Madrid). In 2010 he goes back to Castellon de la Plana and now he lives and works there. Juan Garcia Ripollés has been awarded the Gold Flagship of Alzira and the Valencia Award to the Arts. His works are spread all over the world in galleries, collections, museums and public spaces.

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