• Antigüedades Religiosas

    Antigüedades Religiosas

    Gran selección de antigüedades religiosas antiguas. Cálices de plata antiguos, copones, custodias, arte religioso y mucho más. En perfecto estado.

  • Gramófono Español HMV modelo 4

    Gramófono Español HMV, modelo 4

    Precioso gramófono La Voz De Su Amo fabricado en España, Modelo 4, en perfecto estado de funcionamiento y con un sonido nítido y alto.  

  • Reloj Bolsillo oro 18K Unversal Minutos

    "Universal Watch" Sonería Minutos

    Magnífico Reloj de Bolsillo antiguo marca Universal Watch Extra en oro macizo de 18K, sonería a minutos y cronómetro, fabricado en Suiza circa 1910 

  • Niña Con Mariposa de Ripollés

    Niña Con Mariposa

    Escultura en Bronce de Joan García Ripollés.
    Firmada y numerada

  • Online antiques shop. Welcome!

    Antiguedades.es - A dream world come true

    The first thing we want to do now that you have decided to visit us is to thank you for the time you are investing in knowing a little more about us, about our antique shop and about everything we have to offer you. Furthermore, we want to congratulate you because your interest in antiques shows that you are a person who values authenticity, who knows how important it is to have spaces that say something, who knows first-hand the value of each of the elements we choose to give life to the different spaces we frequent.

    In our shop you will be able to discover a unique and different universe of possibilities. A wide catalogue of opportunities, very special antiques are waiting for you to be sold. You will be able to find everything you have always imagined. A dream come true for those who love elements and pieces with personality, for those who know how to appreciate the essence of this type of objects. Several options, categories and sections are waiting for you so that you can enjoy the wonders we have gathered for you.

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Antiques online: the comfort added to design

In addition to the wide catalogue we offer you, our shop has one more advantage and that is the fact that it makes it possible to buy and sell <strong>antiques online</strong>. This way, in a comfortable way, quietly from the privacy of your home you will be able to go through the great amount of objects, furniture and elements that we have exposed in our virtual gallery, so that you can find what you are looking for. With all the tranquility you need, at your own pace. There are so many options, the catalogue we have is so wide that you will surely need to evaluate an endless number of options among all the online antiques we offer you until you find the one that is perfect for you.

Comfort and privacy, no queuing, no waiting, and with a wide range of options available, all the comforts at your fingertips. A complete service, an exquisite attention so that you can go through our entire catalogue as many times as you want and need, at the time you choose. The easiest and most practical way to buy, an online store that offers the best with the best services.

Security in the sale of antiques, an added value

The sale of antiques is a sector that presents a series of very delicate aspects that must always be taken into account. It is vital, when you want to acquire an object that can be included in this category, to have the guarantee that only specialized places can offer. The professionalism, security, guarantee, experience and tradition of a business dedicated entirely to the world of this type of object are essential for the experience to be fully satisfactory and for the client to obtain what he was looking for, quickly and safely in the comfort of his home.

To trust in Antiques.es or in companies like ours, is to trust in the professionalism, is to have all the guarantees of receiving what you want to acquire, is to have the certainty of having found that furniture, that object or that old element that has the personality, the aspect and the functionality that we were looking for.

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