Gorgeous Antique Mahogany Gramophone-Phonograph. Switzerland, Circa 1915

Outstanding Swiss gramophone in excellent condition. Mahogany box with marquetry detail. Wooden horn.



Gorgeous antique gramophone with wooden horn, made in Switzerland circa 1915 and completely restored. As well as for its beautiful presence, this gramophone stands out for its excellent working order and the fine sound it provides. Except for the turntable felt, which has been replaced, it is entirely original from the time it preserves all its component parts, perfectly restored so they can display the elegance and charm of old-time gramophones. The box is made of mahogany wood and boasts a discreet art-deco-inspired design which combines dark curved legs with lighter panels. The front side is adorned with a delicate marquetry detail, perfectly preserved. The top is also made of mahogany wood; the entire box bears a fine French-polish finish which provides it with a warm and deep glow. The reproducer is a REGINA model in fine condition which connects the horn through a Chrome-plated arm, well preserved too. Last but not least, the horn is a really spectacular element: made of curved mahogany wood, it remains in an almost impeccable condition. This gorgeous antique gramophone with wooden horn is bound to carry away any lover of quality antiques, for its imposing design and amazing sound. Dimensions: Box: Side: 17,72 in / 45 cm. Height: 9.25 in / 23.5 cm. Horn: Length: 27.95 in / 71 cm. Mouths Width: 23.43 in / 59.5 cm.

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