Antique 18K Gold Bracelet with Micromosaics of Rome. Italy, Ca. 1830

Gorgeous gold bracelet with micromosaics. In excellent condition and with a hallmark. Collectors piece.



Antique 18K Gold Bracelet with Micromosaics of Rome. Italy, Ca. 1830

Antique 18 gold bracelet with micromosaics of Rome, made in Italy circa 1830 and in very good condition. This amazing gold piece is also a work of art for the six micromosaic which decorate the articulated links. They are six images depicting different iconic places of the city of Rome – three views of the Roman Forum, the Coliseum, the Pantheon and Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican. The micromosaics are made with tiny stone and marble pieces, whose colors and shades let the artist create wonderful perspectives, lights and shadows, color gradations and all kind of details. The gold links which make up the bracelet are decorated with delicate floral filigrees which enhance the jewel’s beauty. At the back they are adorned with malachite plates, all in good condition. The bracelet has a hallmark at the hook, a mark which guarantees its ancient age and value and turns it into a real collector’s piece.

This antique 18K gold bracelet with micromosaics of Rome is an exclusive jewel, as beautiful as special.

Dimensions: Length: 7.48 in / 19 cm. Height: 1.49 in / 3.8 cm. Weight: 80 g.

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