Collection of Stereoscopic Photographs about Jesus of Nazareth. France, 1920s

Amazing collection of stereoscopic photos with the history of Jesus of Nazareth. Storing case and viewer. Fully original from the time.



Great collection of stereoscopic photographs about Jesus of Nazareth, made in France in the 1920s and in excellent condition. This is a real collectors piece with an exceptional charm, which includes a 6x13 viewer perfect to watch the photos. The images were produced by the firm Stereoscovi, which organized a dramatized overproduction about the life of Jesus of Nazareth. They are high-quality images with greatly-organized scenes, with a high attention to detail in elements such as the clothing and the scenarios. The collection is composed of 100 6x13 stereo plates and is almost complete; only the photos number 5 and 70 are missing. The scenes show the life of Jesus from the Annunciation to the Virgin to the Resurrection and the appearance in front of the Apostles. The plates are stored in the original cardboard box, in good condition. The viewer is made of light-colored mahogany wood and is greatly preserved too. Any lover of curious and quality ancient pieces will appreciate the charm of this collection of stereoscopic photographs about Jesus of Nazareth, an exclusive and special item.

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