Vintage Cassette Radio Phonograph Spirit of St. Louis, 1980s.

Nostalgic vintage Spirit of St. Louis cassette radio. It works perfectly. Vintage piece with lots of charm.



Fine vintage Spirit of St. Louis radio-cassette in perfect working order and really good condition. This original and attractive piece is dated in the 1980s and preserves the real charm of vintage reproductions. Both the cassette and the AM/FM radio work fine: the device has a perfect sound, which together with its nostalgic look creates a really singular item. The box is made of oak wood, very well preserved and with the original glowing finish in great condition. The top is decorated with a slim perimeter groove. Attached on the box top we can see a group of component parts that imitate the motor of an antique phonograph. They are made of black plastic and remain in great condition. On the other hand, the remarkable horn is made of brass and looks as shiny as the very first day of use. In general, this item is an excellent reproduction of a turn-of-the-century model. At the front side of the wooden box we can see a lovely decal depicting a golden ribbon with the inscription THOMAS HOME PHONOGRAPH, referring to Thomas Edison. At the back of the radio-cassette, the rear side of the wooden box can be lowered in order to show a reddish wooden panel with the same logo (smaller in size). This panel mounts the cassette compartment, the dial, the knobs and the electric wire. Riveted to the top of the box, beside the faux mechanism we can see a plate with the brand name: SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS NEW YORK-PARIS. The plate contains an image of the so-named airplane flown by Thomas Lindbergh in 1929, when he flew from New York to Paris in the first transoceanic non-stop flight. This is also the name of a brand which made musical devices in the 1980, specialized in vintage replicas. All the charm of vintage speaking machines is displayed by this lovely Spirit of St. Louis radio cassette. A real collectors piece which will delight the lovers of exclusive items. Measurements: Box: Width: 14.17 in / 36 cm. Height: 6.69 in / 17 cm. Depth: 8.66 in / 22 cm. Horn: Mouths Width: 7.28 in / 18.5 cm. Total Height: 21.65 in / 55 cm.

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