Attractive Solid Wood and Inlaid Wall Clock. North America, 1920-30

Original and decorative wall clock with inlaid ornaments, made in North America in 1920-30.



contemporary and surprising for such an antique piece. It was made in the United States in the 1920s-30 and has a solid wooden box and lovely inlaid marquetry details. The clock is in very good condition and has been restored so it looks gorgeous. The movement has also been fine-tuned to guarantee a perfect working order: the clock chimes the hours and the halves with complete precision. The face is a cardboard piece that replaces the original one, currently missing. This detail, though, does not interfere with the beauty of the design or the great working order of the clock. The wooden box is especially attractive. The face is located at the top; this part is circular in shape and bears no decorative carved or turned details. The design is clean and advances the style that modern decorative arts would follow in the future. The box and the door are made of solid mahogany wood decorated with a front frame composed of eight walnut-wood identical pieces with a marquetry inlay each. The inlays connect making up a delicate hexagon. This detail can also be seen at the bottom of the clock, both in the door that lets us see the pendulum and in the lower decorative piece. The lower door is smaller and rectangular in shape: it creates a balanced group with the big top circle. It has a glass pane that lets us see the nice pendulum bob, made of hand-engraved brass, and has also a knob to open and close it. On both sides we can see symmetrical carved details, directly performed in the mahogany box, that embellish the piece. At the bottom, the clock is adorned with a mahogany piece decorated with the same marquetry inlays and with a straight molding that separates it from the pendulum door. This clock is quite an original piece. Its contemporary style turns it into the perfect detail for a classy home. Measurements: Width: 16.9 in/43 cm. Height: 27.1 in/69 cm.