Antique Chinese Carved Ivory Fan. China, XIX Century

Striking and delicate hand-carved folding fan. In good condition. Gorgeous piece.

1 200,00 €


Antique Chinese hand-carved folding fan, made in China in the 19th century and in good condition. Though being such a delicate and fragile piece, it is complete and looks really fine. The mirror-style landscape (symmetrically disposed) is carved on both sides and preserves its integrity and all its original beauty. One of the ribs has an old-time reparation, professionally made and scarcely visible. This detail does not affect the fans wholeness nor undermine its good looks. The ribbon which connects the top of the ribs is not the original one, as these pieces usually degrade with the trace of time. The ribs carvings make up a big scene where a series of figures perform different duties. We can see some noble men carrying fans, and peasants dedicated to farm labors. The guards are carved with profound bas-reliefs, with similar figures and floral motifs. This antique Chinese hand-carved folding fan will surely shine in a showcase containing valuable and delicate pieces. Dimensions: Width (Open): 13.39 in / 34 cm. Ribs Length: 7.48 in / 19 cm.

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