Spain. Civil Order of Agricultural Merit, Commander Category. Transition. The 70's of the XX Century

Order of Agricultural Merit Commander category. Medal and miniature in original case. Solid silver.



Stunning Spanish gold-plated silver medal the Order of the Agricultural Merit, Commander Category. This beautiful article is composed of a medal and a miniature in its original case. It is made of golden and enameled sterling silver and has survived to our days in excellent condition. The medal preserves the original silk collar of a delicate pale green color. The order is decorated with a gold-plated silver allegory of the Agriculture surrounded by the twelve signs of the zodiac and green rays that come out of it in a star-like design. The miniature is similar to the medal though smaller in size and with a back clip. The shield that we can see in the medal is the classic Spanish coat of arms with quite a telling detail: the fleur-de-lis group that usually adorns the constitutional coat of arms is missing. The crown, though, is the Royal Crown of the Spanish Monarchy. These details make us believe that maybe this medal was awarded during the Spanish transition, when not all the official symbols had been included yet. In fact, this medal is quite similar to the Order of the Agricultural Merit awarded by the Franco regime, though with a different crown. The medal and the miniature are very beautiful and boast a delicate enameled finish in white, red and emerald green. Both the enamel and the gold-plated finish are in very good condition. The set comes in its original case, also well preserved. Outside it is lined with red faux-leather and inside it boasts a fine white satin covering with the jewelrys name stamped in it. We can also find a small paper leaflet with information about the shop. Because of its historic relevance and aesthetic attractive, this medal is bound to be part of a great collection of antiques. Measurements: Medal: Side: 61 mm. Miniature: Side: 18 mm.

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