Couple of Antique Petrol Torches. Sweden, Early 20th Century

Fine-looking petrol torches made in the early 20th century. In fine condition. Perfect to be used as part of the decoration.

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Awesome couple of antique petrol torches made in Sweden in the early 20th century. The torches are really decorative and remain in fine condition, preserving all their original component parts. Though they are not in working order, aesthetically they are finely preserved and are great decorative items. They are quite similar in size and design, but also show some relevant differences. One of them is entirely made of brass and mounts a copper nozzle; at the petrol tank we can see some engraved marks and inscriptions, including Nº 111. The other torch is made of brass too, but the metal shows off a great reddish patina that provides it with a singular attractive. The rear handle is covered by a cord in order to make the grip easier. The tank has a silvery metal base (probably zinc) and bears the engraved brand name and logo: PRIMUS TRADE MARK. The name PRIMUS can also be seen in some of the top component parts and at the base again, with the number 605. Special and original, this couple of antique petrol torches is the perfect piece to be exhibited on a shelf or in a showcase. Dimensions: Torch 1: Width: 4.13 in / 10.5 cm. Height: 9.84 in / 25 cm. Torch 2: Width: 4.72 in / 12 cm. Height: 10.24 in / 26 cm.

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