Antique Rustic Artifact for Opening Ditches. Early 20th Century

Antique artifact for opening ditch covers. In fine condition and completely original.

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Antique rustic artifact for opening ditches, made in the early 20th century and in good condition. This singular device, made of cast iron, is complete and remains in working order. It seems to be a machine which makes it possible to lift ditch covers and keep them open. The device has a central hollow body with a long and partially toothed sliding piece inside. The body has a crank with a gear at one end. To manipulate the artifact, the user must connect the hooked end of the toothed piece and the ditch cover. The other end goes though the gear, so when the user turns the crank the cover goes up. It is a simple and ingenious device which makes it possible to manipulate heavy covers, and to keep them open to perform works into the ditch. This singular rustic artifact for opening ditches is surely a unique piece, a good example of the quality and ingenious design of old-time rural tools. Dimensions: Minimum Length: 33.46 in / 87 cm. Maximum Length: 50.39 in / 128 cm.

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