Antique 7-Day-Razor Set. John Nowill & Son. England, Circa 1850

Complete and attractive set of shaving razors for the whole week. Signed by John Nowill & Son.

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Antique 7-day-razor set by John Nowill & Son, made in England circa 1850 and in very good condition. This interesting item is more than 150 years old and is complete. There is a razor for each day of the week, all of them with natural handles. The handles are well preserved; one of them show a small flaw at the top which in no way interferes with the sets beauty. The blades are marked John Nowill & Son and bear the brand logo too, two crossed keys. This company was founded circa 1700 in Sheffield, England by Thomas Nowill. It passed from one generation to the next until it was taken over by John Nowill. In 1840 his son William entered the business too. The storing case is a gorgeous solid-mahogany box with brass reinforcement and an embedded plate in the lid with no engraved inscriptions. For its beauty and its authenticity, this antique 7-day-razor set by John Nowill & Son is a fascinating item, a real collectors piece. Dimensions: Width: 7.09 in / 18 cm. Depth: 3.15 in / 8 cm.

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