Antique Hand-Carved Humidor or Fountain-Pen Classifier. 19th Century

Antique hand-carved solid-wooden humidor. Perfect to store cigars or a collection of fountain pens. Functional Lock and key.



Antique hand-carved humidor or fountain-pen classifier, original from the 19th century and in very good condition. This impressive item shows a superb design, with high-relief Black-Forest-style motifs carved by hand with great attention to detail. Inside it hides 6 trays with 12 grooves each, perfect to store 72 cigars or to keep well organized a collection of fountain pens. The humidor is amazingly preserved: the wood shows no cracks or deformed parts and bears a fine satin finish. At the top we can see a beautiful wooden sculpture depicting a couple of birds, while the front side is decorated with embossed and carved leaves and fruits framing the initials LD. This piece of furniture stands on four small inclined legs and preserves the original lock-and-key set in working order. Elegant and stately, this antique humidor or fountain-pen classifier is an old-time piece and an excellent example of the best handcraft. Dimensions: Width: 12.6 in / 32 cm. Depth: 9.06 in / 23 cm.

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