Antique Theodolite Breithaupt & Sohn. Kassel, Switzerland, Circa 1920

Antique Breithaupt & Sohn theodolite in fine condition. With storing case and carrying bag. In working order.

550,00 €


Antique Breithaupt & Sohn theodolite made in Kassel, Switzerland, circa 1920 and in fine condition. This is an amazing surveying instruments nearly one century old, which nevertheless has survived to our days in working order. It is small in size, probably designed for field work. It comes in a solid-mahogany wooden storing case, protected by a fine-looking suitcase made of fabric and leather. Both pieces are in good condition and can still perform their duty perfectly. The theodolite is made of black-lacquered brass the black finish shows some scratches and signs due to the trace of time. These details are logical in such an antique instrument and provide it with a great patina of authenticity. The compass is in excellent working order. The dial bears the companys name printed in black lettering, Breithaupt & Sohn, one of the most renowned makers of surveying and topographic instruments in Europe. We can also see the serial number 1846. The bubble levels are in good condition and the telescopes optics provide a correct focus. The storing case contains some extra accessories for the use and the maintenance of the theodolite and original from the time. This antique Breithaupt & Sohn theodolite deserves to belong to a technology museum or a complete collection of great old-time technical instruments. Dimensions: Compasss Width: 5.51 in / 14 cm. Telescopes Length: 8.27 in / 21 cm. Height: 5,51 in / 14 cm.Breithaupt & Sohn History In 1672, Johann Christian Breithaupt founds a business to produce surveying and topographic instruments in Germany. Five years later he starts making products for the royal court and the aristocracy, and the business takes off. In 1798 Breithaupt develops the first mining theodolite: from then on, innovation will become a norm for the company. In 1799 his sons enter the business and become part of the firm. This keeps on growing and collaborates with prestigious brands like Gauss. In 1831 a third generation enters: Georg Breithaupt, grandson of the founder, renames the firm F.W. Breithaupt & Sohn. The business keeps expanding and evolving, and in 1919 industrial production starts. During World War II the main factory is destroyed, but in 1946 the company recovers and restart production. From the 1960s on, Breithaupt & Sohn will specialize in electronic instruments and will keep on developing high-end technology. Today the firm is active and still growing.

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