Bible, 1703. Written in French. "La Sainte Bible traduite en François".

Large French Bible of which two volumes of three survive. Period binding.



These two antique books belong to a French Bible composed of three volumes. This edition was published in 1703 and is large folio size with original period binding. Both volumes are in good condition and complete, with all their original pages and engravings. The works full title is La Sainte Bible traduite en François, le latin de la Vulgate à coté, avec de courtes notes tirées des Saints Péres et des meilleurs interprètes, pour l'intelligence des endroits les plus difficiles, et la Concorde des Quatre Evangelistes, en Latin et en François. We can see this title printed in two inks (red and black) on the first page of both volumes. In Volume I, to the left of this page we can see a beautiful engraving that depicts the Crucified Christ flanked by two biblical characters. Under this image there is an inscription with the publishers name: Jean Francois Broncart, Imprimeur & Marchant Libraire. The page with the title also shows a small and charming religious engraving. Volume I contains a fold-out page with engraved vignettes depicting different scenes from the Antique and New Testaments. Among others we can see the Tower of Babel, the Ark of the Covenant and the Crucifixion. On the following pages we find the different books of the Bible with Latin titles and French texts. Volume II begins with the same page (containing the books title and the publishers name) and then we find The Book of Psalms. This volume has no fold-out pages. The binding of both books is covered of reddish brown leather and is in quite good condition though showing some signs of wear. The spines bear the gold-plated inscription SAINTE BIBLE and the number of each volume. Because of its ancient age and nobleness, these two volumes of the Bible deserve to become part of a great library of antique books. Measurements: Width: 10.4 in / 26.5 cm. Height: 15.7 in /40 cm.

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