Antique Spanish Barracks Cap. Reign of King Alphonse 13th

Military barrack cap used during the reign of Alphonse 13th in Spain. In fine condition.



Antique Spanish barrack cap, original from the time of king Alphonse 13th and in good condition. This is a garment for military use which was part of the uniform of infantry troops. It was designed to be used inside the barracks, hence its name. It is also known as a baker's hat because of its shape, which was similar to that worn by bakers. The cap is made of navy blue fabric, with two red bands near the edge and red borders in the seams. Inside it is covered with brown natural leather, very well preserved. The leather is stamped with an oval mark containing the name of the manufacturing company: we can clearly read the word Vestuarios (garments in Spanish) in it. Just by the edge, the leather lining shows the stamped number 59, size 59. The amazing condition of the seams and the textiles of this cap are a really remarkable feature, something which turns it into a first-class collectors piece. This antique Spanish barrack cap from the time of king Alphonse 13th will surely stand out in the best collection of military pieces.

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