Antique Shako for Infantry Officer. Model 1908. Spain circa 1915

Authentic Spanish military cap for infantry officers from the time of king Alphonse 13th. In amazing condition.



Antique Spanish shako for infantry officers, also known in Spain as Ros hat, original from the time of king Alphonse 13th. Circa 1915. This cap is the model 1908, a truly authentic item in fine condition, complete and almost like new. These military caps were introduced in the Spanish army in 1855 by general Ros de Olano, their name-giver. The one which we can see in the images was made some years later. It is made of lightweight felt, with black-material front peak and top. At the front side we can see a brass Spanish coat of arms, with a pleated band in the colors of the Spanish flag and a plume-shaped brass crowning piece. Inside the cap is covered in red fabric, with a golden inscription inside containing the name of the military saddler who made it: RAFAEL ALONSO, whose workshop was located on Mayor Street, Madrid. For its elegance and great condition, this antique ros (Spanish military cap) for infantry officers from the time of king Alphonse 13th deserves a place of honor in a showcase with the best military antiques.

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