Antique Prussian Machete Model 1864. Complete. Germany, Circa 1870

Antique Prussian machete, entirely original. Model 1864 from the late 19th century. With scabbard and in fine condition.

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Antique Prussian short sword, sidearm or machete model 1864, complete and made in Germany circa 1870. This fine-looking weapon is in really good condition the steel blade looks regular and even, showing scarcely any signs of the trace of time, and the brass hilt is beautifully preserved. The same can be said about the black leather scabbard with brass locket and chape. The side arm boasts a simple and fearsome design: the hilt mounts a S-shaped cross-guard and grooved grip with engraved parallel diagonal lines, with no further embellishment. Though we can guarantee it is nearly 150 years old and comes from the ancient Prussia, this short sword has no visible marks. This antique Prussian machete model 1864, complete and singular, is a highly decorative piece which probably hides a fascinating history behind. Dimensions: Blade Length: 17.13 in / 43,5 cm. Total Length: 17.13 in / 56 cm.

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