Talabot Machete with original scabbard and blacksmith markings. France, XIX Century

Fantastic French machete with blacksmith marks. Nineteenth century, with original sheath very well preserved.



This attractive sidearm is a machete for foot troops made in Paris in the 19th century. This is an antique piece in very good condition that comes with its original leather scabbard, greatly preserved. The machete bears the smiths marks in the blade and the hilt. The blade bears a mark with the inscription TALABOTES PARIS, the mark of the Parisian smiths Talabot Brothers. The machete is model 1831, a design that was used until the late 19th cenruty with different variations; this particular weapon was made between 1831 and 1846. The beautiful golden hilt bears the number 54930 engraved in one of its sides, while the other side bears a mark with the N letter into a circle. The blade is also marked with a B framed by a circle and a square mark with concentric circles inside. The scabbard is made of hand-sewn dark brown leather with polished brass locket and head. This powerful machete is a collectors piece worthy of a museum of history. Any lover of ancient arms will feel proud of owning it. Measurements: Machete: 26.9 in/68.5 cm. Scabbard: 21.6 in/55 cm.

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