Antique Saber Sword for Infantry Officer M. 1882. France, Circa 1900

Sober French saber sword for infantry officer M. 1882. Simple and attractive design. In good condition.

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Antique saber - sword for infantry officer M. 1882, made in France circa 1900 and in good condition. The saber shows a simple and sturdy design and it is entirely made of steel, from the hilt to the scabbard. It is original from the time and is finely preserved: the steel shows a lovely patina created by the trace of time which enhances the weapons attractive look. The steel hilt includes a D-guard divided in branches which connects the rear reinforcement of the grip to create a wraparound piece. The grip is made of dark wood with hand-carved grooves which make it easier to hold; it is finely preserved too. The steel scabbard is also in good condition, and together with the saber makes up a highly interesting piece for any lover of military history and antique weapons. Simple, sober and powerful, this saber for infantry officer M. 1882 is bound to become part of a complete collection of antique swords. Dimensions: Blade Length: 34.65 in / 88 cm. Total Length: 40.15 in / 102 cm.

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