Antique French Pique a Oloron Navaja - Folding knife. France, 19th Century

Attractive antique French penknife from the 19th century. Marked Pique a Oloron. In fine condition.

390,00 €


Antique French Pique a Oloron navaja - folding knife, 19,29 inches long (open), made in the 19th century and in fine condition. It is a really fine-looking piece, with horn side plates and flower-shaped brass rivets. Between the plates we can see brass bands which separate and reinforce them, providing a fine contrast of materials. One of the flower-shaped ornaments is missing, but the rivet still keeps the plate in its place. This detail, though, is scarcely visible. The steel blade bears the mark PIQUE A OLORON in capital letters. It is believed that the name corresponds to a maker located in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, a city located in the South of France, in a commercial route to Spain. Their knives are quite similar to those made by the Spanish salesman Valero Jun, which makes us think of a probably connection between them. With an imposing presence and very beautiful, this antique French Pique a Oloron pocketknife will surely stand out in any good collection of old-time weapons. Dimensions: Length: Closed: 10.63 in / 27 cm. Open: 19.29 in / 49 cm.

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