Antique Spanish Valero Jun Navaja - Folding Knive. 16.34 in. Spain, 19th Century

Beautiful Valero Jun Zaragoza pocketknife, 16.34 inches long. In very good condition. Collectors piece.



Antique Spanish Valero Jun Zaragoza navaja - folding knife - pocketknife, 16.34 inches long, made in the 19th century. This fine ancient weapon remains in good condition: the steel blade scarcely shows signs of wear and the handle is complete. It is curved in shape and is covered with brass and horn side plates, all of them original from the time. The horn pieces enhances its beauty; they are attached to the handles body with solid brass rivets. At the point where it connects the blade we can see a ring to hang the pocketknife from the owners garment. The clip-point (also known as bowie) blade bears the mark VALERO JUN ZARAGOZA, corresponding to a cutlery and hardware business which was open in the Spanish city during the second part of the 19th century. This firm would buy French pocketknives and sold them after marking them with their own name. A superb and authentic piece, this antique Valero Jun Zaragoza pocketknife, 41.5 inches long, still preserves its imposing presence and appeal. Dimensions: Length: Closed: 9.25 in / 23.5 cm. Open: 16.34 in / 41.5 cm.

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