Antique Burmese Dagger with Carved Handle. Burma Circa 1900

Fine antique Burman dagger with carved handle. In good condition. More than one century old.



Antique Burmese dagger with carved handle, made circa 1900 and in good condition. The dagger shows an amazing hand-carved decoration covering the handle, composed of classic South-Eastern Asian artistic motifs. We can see some mythological beast in profile which looks like a dog or a wolf with scaly skin. This beast is inserted into a decorative frame and symmetrical scrolls with are orderly repeated all over the handle. The motifs are carved in bas-relief, and its depth creates a gorgeous play between light and shade. The handles end is carved like a flower, with the petals and the center carefully depicted. The steel blade is connected to the handle by a fine steel ring. The dagger preserves its original dark wooden scabbard, secured with light-colored twisted strings. Finely designed and with a striking artisanal decoration, this antique Burman dagger with carved handle is an excellent ornamental piece and a lovely old-time item. Dimensions: Blade Length: 6.5 in / 16.5 cm. Total Length: 11.22 in / 28.5 cm.

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