Antique Indian Mughal or Khanjar Dagger with Polychrome Handle. Circa 1900

Beautiful Mughal or Khanjar dagger with polychrome handle and inlays. Fine wavy blade.

395,00 €


Antique Indian Mughal or Khanjar dagger with polychrome handle, made circa 1900 and of remarkable beauty. The dagger mounts a wavy blade with gold inlays, standing out for its fine design. The handle is painted by hand in red, ochre and green; it is trimmed with a hand-carved figure of a sitting bird (seemingly a goose) which turns its head backwards and puts its beck between its wings. One of the wings shows a slight flaw, scarcely visible. The rest of the handle is adorned with a painted chevron-style decoration in the stated colors. The polychrome finish shows some small retouches, discreet and well executed. At the point where the blade meets the handle there is a delicate ornamental detail, an inlay gold floral motif framed by a stylish silhouette composed of two slim parallel lines. This decoration is present on both sides of the blade; it shows some slight signs of wear, but still keeps its original beauty. For its lovely design and fearsome blade, this antique Indian Mughal or Khanjar dagger with polychrome handle is bound to become part of a complete collection. Dimensions: Blade Length: 8.46 in / 21.5 cm. Total Length: 13.39 in / 34 cm.

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