Antique Spanish Navaja - Folding Knife. 16.63 inches. Spain, 19th Century

Striking pocketknife made in Albacete in the 19th century. In good condition. Very long.

425,00 €


Antique Spanish navaja, folding knife or pocketknife made in Albacete in the 19th century, 49 inches long. When open, the big size of this pocketknife really draws out attention; and so does its stylized design. It mounts a clip-point blade, long and narrow, decorated with a fine engraving. The motif is somewhat worn by the trace of time and the use, but is still visible. The handle has horn and brass side plates the horn shows a dark brown color which makes a fine contrast with the golden metal. The handles end is covered in brass, adorned with slim hand-engraved parallel and crossed lines. The pocketknives from Albacete have been famous for centuries, because of their quality and big size. Their origin dates back to the Muslim era, and are mentioned for the first time in 16th-century writings. Today they are still very appreciated by experts and collectors. Stylish and fine-looking, this antique Spanish pocket knife 12.29 inches long is a greatly interesting piece for any lover of old-time weapons. Dimensions: Length: Closed: 16.63 in / 24 cm. Open: 19.29 in / 49 cm.

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