Antique Klingsor Phonograph with Mahogany-Colored Finish. Rare Model. Germany, Circa 1910

Rare antique Klingsor gramophone in fine working order. Collectors piece.



Antique Klingsor gramophone or phonograph with mahogany-colored finish, a rare model made in Germany circa 1910 and in very good condition. This gramophone combines an imposing presence with an excellent working order, providing a loud and high-quality sound. The Klingsor gramophone was invented in Germany in 1907, its most relevant feature being a set of strings stretched across the horn so they resonated when the sound came out. Many models and versions were produced for some years, including coin-op models and one with dancing automats in the recess below the horn. The gramophone which we can see in the images has a solid wooden casing with a fine mahogany-colored finish and a lire-shaped openwork detail in front of the horn. The turntable and the reproducer are hidden behind a foldable lid located at the bottom of the gramophone, just by the crank. One of the screws is missing from the brake plate, but it does not affect its operation. This plate bears the engraved serial number 111604. Inside the foldable lid we can see a metal plate with the name Klingsor in golden lettering on a black background. This name is also printed at the bottom of the front wooden piece. The gramophone keeps all its original component parts and pieces, (except for one screw of the reproducer that can be seen in the pictures), and stands out for its elegant and original design and its amazing sound. This antique Klingsor gramophone is a rare model, bound to stand out in a stylish dining room or a great music room. Dimensions: Width: 15.35 in / 39 cm. Depth: 14.67 in / 37 cm. Height: 28.74 in / 73 cm.

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