Antique Triumphone Horn Gramophone. Switzerland, Circa 1915

Stylish antique Triumphone gramophone in good condition. Fine working order. Early 20th Century.



Antique Triumphone horn gramophone or phonograph made in Switzerland circa 1915, in good condition and great working order. The motor of this device is quite silent and makes it possible to play old-time records with a loud and clear sound. The gramophone shows a remarkable design, with a delicate color array which turns it into a very elegant piece. The mahogany-wooden box has an ample base with inclined sides and panels with gaps covered by a beige fabric. It is a really simple design, inspired in the Art Deco style which was in trend in those days. The arm elbow which holds the horn and the reproducer is adorned with embossed Art Deco motifs too. The horn is a really spectacular element, made of metal sheet and painted inside and outside with a faux-wood decoration. At the top of the box, just by the turntable we can see a circular plate with the Triumphone logo, a bird flying in front of a capital T letter. This antique Triumphone horn gramophone is a luxury item, perfect as a decorative piece and to enjoy the unparalleled sound of turn-of-the-century records. Dimensions: Box: Side: 14.57 in / 37 cm. Height: 7 in / 18 cm. Horn: Length: 20.87 in / 53 cm. Mouths Width: 17.52 in / 44.5 cm.

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