Spanish horn gramophone, Electro Parlonet, Year 1915.

Spanish horn gramophone, Electro Parlonet, 1915. Winner company of the Grand Prix Milan 1906.



Beautiful horn gramophone from the Electro Parlonet factory, marketed at its headquarters in Barcelona. In this case it is a model sold by the house Orpheus of Barcelona, according to the plate on the box. Dated in 1915. The machinery that used to use this factory in their models were of the Thorens brand, of Swiss origin. The machinery in this case is also in perfect working condition. The sound is loud and clear. To access the machinery, the upper lid of the case, under which it is attached, is lifted. The case has a decorative brass plate on the front, depicting a marine navigation scene, further adorned with a graceful vegetal motif. The large trumpet is beautifully finished in a colorful green tone. The ribs of the horn are spectacular and its pavilion ends in a multi-lobed shape, giving it an attractive appearance. Case dimensions: 23.5 cm (height), 38.5 cm (width), 38.5 cm (depth). Dimensions of the trumpet: 62 cm. diameter, 65,5 cm. length.

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