Antique Commerce Scale. Circa 1900

Gorgeous antique commerce scale in fine condition. More than one hundred years old. A very decorative piece.



Antique commerce scale made circa 1900, in very good condition and with a beautiful and charming design. The scale is finely preserved and remains in working order, though the pointer and the scale are missing. Even so, this is a really attractive piece which could still be used with a weigh set. The scale has a three-legged foot and a cylindrical pillar, top beam with two pans, a horizontal piece which keeps the beam still and a smaller beam below to weight small-size products. The pans of the top beams have hooks to hang objects and weight them too. The scale is entirely made of brass; the metal is in good condition and preserves the original transparent varnish that provides it with a gorgeous patina. This antique commerce scale is a real collection piece, perfect to provide any room with a fine and special touch. Dimensions: Width: 16.5 in / 42 cm. Height: 22.8 in / 58 cm.