Antique Mechanical Laboratory Centrifuge. 1950s-60s

Fascinating mid 20th century mechanical laboratory centrifuge. Works very well. Includes 4 vintage test tubes.



Antique Mechanical Laboratory Centrifuge. 1950s-60s

Antique mechanical laboratory centrifuge from the 1950s-60, in very good condition and perfect working order. This interesting instrument comes in its original solid-wooden box and is accompanied by four test tubes, also original from the time. The centrifuge is made of matt silvery metal and preserves all its component parts, which enable a fluid and soft operation. In order to use it, it has to be attached to the table with it's cramp; then, the test tubes must be inserted in the metal sleeves of the top helix. When operating the crank, the centrifuge will spin the tubes at high speed. Overall, this piece is very well preserved, with just slight traces of the rest of time which testify for its authenticity and past life.

This antique mechanical laboratory centrifuge is an exclusive piece, quite charming and in excellent condition.

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