Antique Bott & Walla Hand Ophthalmoscope. Germany, Circa 1925

Fascinating German hand ophthalmoscope its original storing case. Complete and in use condition.



Antique Bott & Walla hand ophthalmoscope made in Germany circa 1925 and in its original case. This instrument for medical use is in good condition and complete. The black frame of one of the two lenses is broken and is kept in its place by a rubber band. The lens is in perfect condition. Except for this detail, the ophthalmoscope is finely preserved and could be used with no restriction. These instruments were used to provide light inside the eye using a mirror: the light beam goes through the eyes pupil and lens and expands them, so the doctor can examine the retina with the aid of a lens. The first proper ophthalmoscope was designed by Hermann von Helmholtz in 1851. The one which we can see in the photographs is preserved in its storing case, covered outside in black leatherette and inside in red velvet. It is in good condition and shows the manufacturers label, a company specialized in medical instruments: BOTT & WALLA, MUNCHEN, SONNESTR. 20. This antique Bott & Walla hand ophthalmoscope will be a great gift for an ophthalmologist with a passion for medical antiques. Dimensions: Cases Length: 6.5 in / 16.5 cm.

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