Beautiful Antique Laboratory or Pharmacy Scale. Germany, 1940.

Gorgeous German precision scale from the 1940s. In very good working order. With weigh and micro-weigh sets.



Beautiful Antique Laboratory or Pharmacy Scale. Germany, 1940.

Beautiful antique precision scale for laboratory or pharmacy made in Germany in 1940, in very good working order and with two sets of weighs. The scale is made of silvery metal, and shows a harmonious and charming design. The translucent concave bakelite pans are remarkable pieces which hang from stylish curved metal rods, symmetrically disposed. The beam bears a series of marks which indicate the scale was verified in different occasions to guarantee its precision. The central pillar is high and stylish, with a hook at top to hang the beam. It is attached to a solid-mahogany wooden base with two weigh sets at the front: one with brass weighs and a glass and metal box with micro-weighs. Both sets are complete. The scale comes with tweezers to manipulate the micro weighs, as they are difficult to handle.

As beautiful as well-preserved, this fine antique precision scale is a decorative piece with all the charm of old-time laboratory instruments.

Dimensions: Width: 7.87 in / 20 cm. Height: 12.40 in / 31.5 cm. Depth: 6.10 in / 15.5 cm.

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