Antique Brass Field Spyglass. France, Circa 1900

Fine antique brass and mahogany spyglass. In good working order.

190,00 €


Antique brass field spyglass made in France circa 1900 and in working order. This fine device preserves the optics in good condition: the lenses are clean and make it possible to get a clear view of faraway places and objects. It is composed of four bodies which can be folded inside the main one. This is covered with solid mahogany wood, an uncommon and stylish detail which enhances the design. This covering shows some small signs of wear, due to the spyglasss ancient age and use. They are signs of its life and history, more than remarkable flaws. The eyepieces black finish shows some slight flaw too, but in general the spyglass is finely preserved and keeps the true essence of ancient surveying instruments. As lovely as authentic, this antique brass field spyglass with mahogany covering will stand out as a decorative item and as a functional one too. Dimensions: Folded: 5.51 in / 14 cm. Unfolded: 16.14 in / 41 cm.

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