Antique Large Brass Marine Spyglass. 35.6 in. Circa 1850

Superb large marine spyglass with sunshade and sliding lids. Working very well. Great magnification.

340,00 €


Big brass marine spyglass, 35.6 inches long, made circa 1850 and in good condition. This device works really fine the optics are clear and provide an excellent visibility, with an important magnification to watch faraway places. This is a four-bodied spyglass; all the bodies are made of brass and the main has a twisted-leather covering. The covering is finely preserved and only shows slight signs of wear at the edges, scarcely relevant. The main body has a built-in sunshade, also in good condition. The lens and the eyepiece mount sliding lids, which can be lifted to use the spyglass and protect the optics when closed. This big brass marine spyglass, 35.6 inches long, is an exclusive piece for any lover of ship antiques and a great decorative object. Dimensions: Folded: 17.52 in / 44.5 cm. Unfolded: 35.6 in / 90 cm.

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