Antique Powder Case for Harquebusier. Spain 16th C. Circa 1580

Amazing 16th century harquebusier powder case. More than 400 years old. With the Ayala Family coat of arms.

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Historic antique powder bag for Spanish Army harquebusier, original from the 16th century (circa 1580) and in fine condition. This superb piece, entirely original and guaranteed, is worthy to belong to a military history museum for its great condition and its relevance. The powder case is made of openwork metal with inner red-velvet covering original from the time. It mounts a conical nozzle with mechanic lock and a rear metal plate to hang the case from the belt. Both parts remain in good condition and are operative. The front side of the powder case is adorned with motifs related to the pieces owner. At the center we can see an oval coat of arms with two wolves facing to the left. It is the noble coat of arms of the Ayala Family, one of whose members, Baltasar Ayala, was a close friend of King Felipe II of Spain. This family had a private army with 400 harquebusiers who were commanded by Felipe II and were equipped by the Ayala family. So the powder case which we can see in the photographs belonged to one of the men who were part of this army. Historical, beautiful and finely preserved, this antique powder case for Spanish Army harquebusier deserves to become part of a museum, or to shine in the best collection of military antiques. Dimensions: Height 25 cms - 9.84 in. / Width 20,5 cms - 8 in. / Depth 4,7 cms - 1,85 in.

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