Antique Toy Tricycle. Mid-20th Century

Gorgeous toy tricycle made in the 1950s and in fine condition. Small size. Remarkable decorative potential.



Beautiful antique toy tricycle made in the mid-20th century, very decorative and original from the time. This is quite a small item, probably designed to be used to play with dolls; because of its small size, it is impossible for a kid or baby to ride it. The tricycle is shaped as a horse and preserves the polychrome finished in excellent condition, complete and with no missing parts or dents. The only flaws that can be appreciated are two slight cracks, located in the horses legs. These flaws are merely aesthetic and do not interfere with the items structure or resistance. The tricycle mounts three big wheels, two red pieces which connect them to the horse and a brown leather saddle with brass stirrups. The tail is made of synthetic horsehair; just like the rest of the toy, it is in fine condition. This great antique toy tricycle will display its beauty and charm in a showcase, a shelf or an old-time sideboard. Dimensions: Width: 13.78 in / 35 cm. Height: 13.78 in / 35 cm.

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