Antique Victoria Cigarette Rolling Machine. Circa 1920

Wonderful machine for rolling cigarettes Victoria brand. Iconic piece of the early twentieth century in Spain. Complete and in working condition.



Stunning antique Victoria cigarette-rolling machine, complete and in very good condition. This item, as decorative as functional, was made in Spain in the 1920s by the company owned by the Victorero Family. The machine preserves all its original component parts and pieces, including the water deposit (this element is usually missing). As well as being a very attractive piece, perfect to decorate any corner or room, this machine is in perfect working order and makes it possible to roll cigarettes in a clean and quick way. Though it is not exactly the same model, this video shows the machines operation: https://youtu.be/Audm2HLnhyM At the front side of the top hopper (the part which contains the tobacco that will later be poured on the paper) we can see a colorful enameled metal plate with the name VICTORIA, in very good condition. The firm belonged to four of the Victorero brothers who in 1910 founded the company Agustín Victorero & Bros. in the Asturian village of Lastres. The firm was created in order to produce the cigarette-rolling machine designed by Antonio Victorero. The machines manufactured by Victoria became very popular and the company patented five models. This is one of the first versions; in spite of being so old, its fine working order and clever design still awakes our admiration. The machine stands on an ample solid-wooden base which supports the whole mechanism. This is composed of a series of silvery-metal component parts which includes a hopper which contains and doses the tobacco, a crank to operate it, a paper compartment, a water deposit (to wet the paper edge) and a leather conveyor belt that rolls the cigarette in order to close it. In this machine all the component parts work finely; this feature turns it into a fascinating and attractive item. This antique Victoria cigarette-rolling machine will stand out in any collection, showcase or sideboard. Ingenious and beautiful, it is a real collectors piece. Measurements: Width: 15.35 in / 39 cm. Height: 9 in / 23 cm. Depth: 6.10 in / 15.5 cm.

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