Collection of 3 Antique Jeweler’s Anvils. France, circa 1900

Set of three jewelers anvils original from the early 20th century. Authentic and in good condition.



Antique collection of 3 jewelers anvils made in France circa 1900, in very good condition and entirely original from the period. The set includes two steel anvils with solid wooden bases and another one fully made of metal. The three items show the classic design of silversmiths or jewelers anvils, with two side becks or horns. First we find a steel anvil with a sturdy curved solid-mahogany wooden base, heavy and stable. The wood is in amazing condition and shows no cracks or worn parts. At the top metal piece (the anvil itself) we can see an embossed number 20. The next piece is smaller in size; the metal anvil sits on a mahogany-wooden base, conical in shape and with engraved lines. The wood shows a lighter shade and is slightly worn. The third anvil is made of a solid metal piece; at the top of the item we can see the embossed inscription ACIER FONDU (cast steel). This interesting collection of three jewelers anvils is bound to become part of a great exihibiton of antique handcraft-related pieces. Dimensions: Anvil 1: Height: 3.54 in / 9 cm. Anvil 2: 2.95 in / 7.5 cm. Anvil 3: 2.56 in / 6.5 cm.

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