Antique Ladois Wooden Military Compass. France, Circa 1875

Fine-looking Ladois military compass in wooden box. Fine working order. Original from the 19th century.



Antique Ladois wooden military compass, made in France circa 1875 and in good condition. The compass is original from the period, although the glass on the lid has been replaced because it originally had a mirror. As stated in the dial, this instrument was designed according to the system developed by captain Paul Peigné, a Parisian military who would become general. The system included a clinometer inside the capsule and some instructions at the top. It is believed that Peigné only modified a system already developed by Mademoiselle Dupuy (source: https://compassmuseum.com/diverstext/profiles.htm#PEIGNE). The system makes it possible to use the compass as an inclinometer, to measure lands angles and maximum gradients. Inside the lid, these compasses used to have a mirror which reflected the dial: this is the reason why some inscriptions are written backwards. The compass that we can see in these images is embedded in a solid mahogany box, in good condition and with original hinges and metalwork. Any lover of military antiques and old-time instruments will appreciate the charm and authenticity of this antique Ladois wooden military compass. Dimensions: Width: 3.39 in / 8.6 cm. Depth: 3.27 in / 8.3 cm.

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