Fantastic Micromosaic by Giacomo Raffaelli. Rome, Italy, Circa 1800

Striking micromosaic by mosaic master Giacomo Raffaelli. Complete and in amazing condition. True museum piece.

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Fantastic Micromosaic by Giacomo Raffaelli. Rome, Italy, Circa 1800

Fantastic micromosaic by Giacomo Raffaelli, made in Rome, Italy circa 1800 and in awesome condition. We are not only looking at a wonderful and quality piece, but also a work of art made by one of the most prestigious mosaic masters ever. Giacomo Raffaelli, considered the first great master of this technique, worked in the Piazza de Spagna in Rome from 1775. His work became more and more acknowledged along the years; even pope Pío VII’s heard about him, and ordered him a clock with inlaid and mosaic work which can still be admired in the Hermitage. Another relevant work was the chimney he made for Napoleon and Josephine. In 1805 he was appointed director of the Scuola di Mosaico of Milán.

The micromosaic which we can see in the images speaks for itself about its author’s skill and sensitivity. It is a circular piece, 60 mm in diameter, with a realistic colorful motif. It depicts a charming scene with a sitting dog which turns its head to watch a butterfly. To the left, a flame burns in a cup on a trunked column. The dog and the column stand on a floor with grass, soil and rock, over a navy blue sky. The scene is made with thousands of tiny pieces of stone and marble, specifically chosen to provide the necessary color in each point.

In order to value the artist’s work as it deserves, it is worthy to watch the piece in detail: the shadows of the dog’s fur and the expression in its face, the colors of the butterfly, the burning flame, the gradation of shadows and lights at the column, the grass’s different shades of green and the frame of white, black and ochre circles. It is an exceptional piece, both for the beautiful drawing and good election of colors, and for the impressive quality of the artisanal work.

The prestige of the artist who made it, its inherent beauty and its great condition turn this amazing micromosaic by Giacomo Raffaelli into a collector’s piece, worthy to belong to a real connoisseur of the most special articles.

Dimensions: Diameter: 60 mm.

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