Saint Mary Magdalene. Oil on Copper. Flemish School, 17th Century

Antique oil painting depicting Saint Mary Magdalene. 17th-Century Flemish School

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Antique painting depicting Saint Mary Magdalene, an oil on copper from the Flemish School and original from the 17th century. This fine work of art shows the saint with its traditional attributes: naked and covered by a reddish cloak, according to the legend which tells that she retired to live a penitent life in the dessert, in a cell built for her by the angels. The long hair is also a symbol of penitence. We can also see a bottle of parfum at the right bottom corner which refers to the episode when Mary Magdalene rubs Jesuss feet with her own hair (Luke, 7, 36-50), and the book and the skull which are usually present when depicting eremite saints. The work is really attractive and is wonderfully executed, something which we can appreciate in the gorgeous folds of the cloak, the skins color and volume, the saints face and the beautiful landscapes, where we can see the image of Jesus in the Cross. The scene exudes a powerful spirituality, very well expressed in the ascetic expression of the saint. At the back of the copper plate we can see the remains of a portrait of a gentleman, which indicates that the artists recovered a discarded painting to execute this one. The work is embellished with a beautiful water-gilt wooden frame which enhances its beauty. This image of Saint Mary Magdalene, an oil on copper from the baroque Flemish School, is a deeply religious and wonderfully painted work of art. A piece worthy to belong to a great church or a museum of pictorial art. Dimensions: Painting (without Frame): Width: 8.27 in / 21 cm. Height: 12.4 in / 31.5 cm. Frame: Width: 12.2 in / 41.5 cm. Height: 16.34 in / 41.5 cm. "IMPORTANT: In order to export antique artwork outside of Spain, it is necessary to apply for a special art export permit that is processed by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. These permits can take between 2 and 6 weeks, after which time it can be exported as antique artwork. Keep this in mind when purchasing."

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