Antique Solid-Silver Pocket Watch Chain. 19th Century

Antique solid-silver pocket watch chain with black enameled details. In fine condition. Hand-engraved winding key.

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Antique solid-silver pocket watch chain, made in the 19th century and in very good condition. This piece is the perfect accessory to be used with an antique and stylish watch, whose look will surely enhance. The chain is composed of five silver braided cords, flexible and delicate. At each end, the cords are collected and trimmed by a silver ball connected to a thicker chain. One of the chains ends with a snap clip, designed to be connected to the wearers outfit. At the other end we can see a cylindrical winding key with hand-engraved decoration. The chain is also adorned with two bow-shaped silver barrettes. Each barrette is embellished with a butterfly motif on a black enameled background. This antique solid-silver pocket watch chain will stand out for its subtle elegance and great condition. Dimensions: Length: 13.4 in / 34 cm. Weight: 32.7 g.

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