Antique Verge Fusee Pocket Watch. Calendar and Central Seconds Hand. France, 1820

Charming verge fusee pocket watch with hand-painted dial. With calendar and secondary hand. In fine condition.

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Antique brass verge fusee pocket watch with calendar, central seconds hand, and polychrome dial. This fine watch was made in France circa 1820 and remain in good condition, being also in great working order. It mounts a two-leaf gilt-brass casing with open face and flat round pendant in horizontal alignment with an ovoid bow, placed at the twelve-position relative to the dial. The movement is hinged to the rear cap; this cap is made of polished gilt brass and bears no decoration at all. The front cap is made of glass and bears a wide brass frame with some traces of green oxide inside. The glass protects a fine-looking white dial with a hand-painted enameled hunting scene. The scene shows a French hunter from those times with his rifle and his dog; the dog is waiting to bring back a hunted bird. There is an open-bar seconds track around the periphery of the dial, with Arabic markers placed every fifteen seconds and a steel counter-balanced center seconds pointer. We can also see an upper calendar dial with Arabic numerals 1-31, with steel pointer; and a lower Arabic-hour dial with dotted minute track and minute markers at each quarter hour. The dial mounts steel Breguet Feuille hands. The winding aperture of the time dial is at the position of hour number three; the condition is excellent in all regards. Under the rear cap we find the fine gilt-brass movement, with brass cylindrical pillars pinned at the back plate, and verge escapement with chain-fusee driven movement. The back plate has the typical round French skeletonized brass foliate balance bridge, with screws at opposite ends and a silver regulator plate, marked in French initials for faster and slower. The plates are unsigned. The movement is overall in good condition and working order for its age. This beautiful antique verge fusee pocket watch with calendar and secondary hand and polychrome dial will stand out in any collection, but also as an everyday-use item. Dimensions: Width: 56 mm.

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