Rare Antique Pocket Watch with Calendar and Moon Phases. 67 mm. Switzerland, Circa 1890

Rare big-sized pocket watch with calendar and moon phases. In fine condition and fine working order.

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Rare antique pocket watch with calendar and moon phases, 67 mm. in diameter and made in Switzerland circa 1890. The watch is a fine piece in good working order: all the complications (in this case, calendar with three dials and one dial with moon phases) are in working order. The case is made of steel with golden details. Inside the rear cap we can see a mark which guarantees it, together with the numbers 616 5718. Under this cap we find a glass dustcap; though the glass has a slim crack, seems to be the original and fulfills perfectly its protecting duty. The porcelain dial is beautiful, with blue Roman numerals, black Arab minutes and tiny golden ornamental details. The months and the days of the week are in French. The dial mounts black Louis-XV hands. This striking and rare antique pocket watch with calendar and moon phases is a very special item, a collectors and rare piece. Dimensions: Diameter: 67 mm.

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